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Will 3D Printing Change the Window Cleaning Industry?

Date:2016-02-22 Hits:2076
Window cleaners have always been on top of the world, literally. However, UK company now comes up with ideas that might keep window cleaners on the ground. Spectrum Window Cleaning has been using 3D printing to develop a system to improve the entire system of window cleaning. They are in discussion with manufacturers for a “reach pole system” they developed, which will likely access windows up to 92 feet high. Despite the exact product is still “top secret”, it indicates at people on the ground controlling 3D printed devices that can clean windows on the 15th floor.

In their homecountry England, the company is known for cleaning windows of large buildings – high-rise cleaning – and is therefore always searching for solutions to make their work easier. Now, the company claims they are the first commercial window cleaners anywhere in the world to have invested in their own 3D printing machine.

In a statement, Managing Director Lucian Ivan said this was a necessary progression: “The crew here love a challenge, and after the recent success on the final cleaning of 25 Churchill Place at Canary Wharf, we’ve been attracting consistently bigger, bolder and more demanding proposals.” He did not literally say it this way, but his company is using a 3D printer because they more often have to deal with enormous buildings:

The team are constantly devising solutions to increasingly difficult access issues; the problem it seems is that the current cleaning industry is often quite literally unequipped to deal with the flow of ideas. Making our own bespoke cleaning equipment has been the only way to achieve the standards we want.

Using their new 3D printed equipment solutions, the company is able to clean windows of angles and glass design features which are included in many of the new building sites in London. The company recently managed to clean windows of the enormous 25 Churchill Place at Canary Wharf, London. Because of their new 3D printed solutions, they don’t need scaffolding of cherry pickers for such a thing anymore.

The company will soon market their own line of 3D printed cleaning equipment. They describe their equipment as a “new method for cleaning windows”. “It’s uncharted territory,” adds Ivan. “But the power 3D printing gives us is the possibility to achieve it.” After this announcement we have to leave you with many questions (what kind of 3D printing system? what can it exactly do?), as the company’s still refers to its system as “top secret”, but although we don’t know all details yet, the project surely is interesting: will more and more window cleaners stay on the ground? Can machines do the job? We will probably soon find out more, as all eyes are on Spectrum Window Cleaning.