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How to Choose a DIY STEAM 3D Printer for you students

Date:2018-11-13 Hits:1388

Teachers may meet the problem to choose a 3D Printer for students.  

The problem of what to 3D Print with your classes is one that many teachers face when they think about introducing 3D printing to the classroom. Getting to grips with the process is the first major achievement and then integrating it into a lesson for students is the next stage. There are many things that teachers need to think about, the first being what to actually teach. What are students in your classes going to design and 3D print? The key has to be engaging students in the design and make the process by allowing them to engage in design challenges. Thinking of ideas for lessons if you are a beginner to teaching 3D printing can be daunting. The best place to start is by teaching peer-reviewed content from other teachers.

here are some tips for teachers 
1: safe, We belive the 3D Printer does not hotbed is safe and good for students
2: DIY. the DIY 3D Printer is more challenge for students, they can study more about 3D Printer.
3: Color, Afinibot Design the DIY 3D Printer with Yellow color, the student more like the 3D Printer
4: portability, if the 3D Printer is about 3KG to 4KG, the Student can easy to take away.

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